Assisted Living vs. Independent Living: Is There a Difference?


It’s easy to be confused by the myriad of options available for post-retirement living. Different retirement communities are classified based on the type of living arrangements they provide, and two of the most common options are independent living and assisted living. If you want to make the best choice for yourself or your loved one, it’s important to understand the difference between the two living situations. 

Here is a breakdown of the two different types of living arrangements. Analyze the key differences and make an informed decision for your loved one.

Independent Living 

Independent retirement living is exactly what it sounds like. This type of living arrangement aims to give retirees as much freedom and independence as possible. 

Ideally, seniors in independent living communities can take care of themselves and their basic daily tasks. These living arrangements don’t typically offer medical care services. When searching for independent living facilities in Orlando, FL, pay attention to the services provided and determine what’s appropriate for your specific situation. 

Assisted Living

Assisted retirement living refers to any amount of care needed by the resident to maintain daily life. If a resident needs help bathing, grooming, making food, or keeping their house, they would be a good candidate for an assisted living program

Key Differences

Though both types of communities offer similar amenities, there are two critical differences between these programs: cost and health services. 


Independent living communities are arranged so that residents take care of their own affairs. That being the case, these programs are typically less expensive than assisted living situations. Assisted living communities provide care to residents. In addition to paying to live in the community, there will also be a cost for any caregivers. 

However, keep in mind that some of these costs may be paid for by insurance and Social Security. Consult your insurance provider to see what is covered. Make sure to ask about tax deductibles.

Health Services

Independent living communities may offer health classes and courses, but the general assumption surrounding independent living is that the resident is healthy enough to pursue these activities solo. There may be facilities available for exercise, but it’s likely the residents will be encouraged to use these facilities at their leisure. 

Assisted living facilities are more likely to have fitness training and exercise specialists on the premises. As these residents are being assisted with their daily tasks, one would expect them to need extra care to maintain fitness. 

The exercise options available may also be more tailored for the resident’s individual needs, such as memory care and mental exercises. Make sure to look for these services when researching memory care in Orlando.

Independent Living Facilities in Orlando, FL 

There are plenty of options for independent living near Orlando. Westminster Baldwin Park strives to provide quality care as well as enrichment for active seniors in their retirement years. Through our various amenities and active lifestyle, our goal is to help residents maintain their independence and freedom as long as possible.

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