5 Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming for Older Adults


To maintain good health, doctors advise exercise and other physical activities. This can be a difficult challenge for everyone, but remaining active in retirement can be incredibly challenging. The importance of good health increases as we get older, especially as other aspects of our health begin to decline naturally. Older adults must get sufficient exercise to keep themselves healthy and happy for as long as possible. 

Swimming is an excellent choice of exercise for many reasons for older adults. It can be hard to find a sufficiently active exercise regimen that’s not too strenuous on older bodies. Many Orlando, FL, independent living communities offer swimming amenities, among others. 

Here are five health benefits for older adults who choose swimming as a form of exercise. 

Offers Low-Impact Exercise

Swimming is a low-impact exercise because it is non-weight-bearing. You don’t have to hold up your weight as you float in the water, so there is no pressure on the knees, hips, or spine. As you float, you may also find relief from the regular strain on certain joints. Adults who have arthritis or other similar conditions may see reduced pain symptoms and improved quality of life.

Improves Flexibility

As you float and swim in the water, you will move your limbs throughout the entire range of motion. Using your body’s full range of motion is more intense and challenging on foot, so swimming will help move your body in ways you might not be able to out of the water. Moving your body in this way will increase and improve your flexibility, as your limbs will move in directions they may not be able to on land. 

Reduces Fall Risks

Swimming works all of your major muscle groups. This means your upper body, core muscles, and leg muscles will generally be stronger. These muscles are considered important muscle groups for posture and stability. Working these muscles and keeping them strong will help reduce your chances of becoming a fall risk. Reducing fall risks is an important aspect of Orlando independent living. 

Improves Sleep

Though fun, swimming is a demanding form of exercise. It works every muscle in your body and burns through a lot of calories, both of which cause you to feel tired. Additionally, swimming can be a repetitive action that can help relax the mind. Together, these two elements can lead to a good night’s sleep, which is especially important during retirement years.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Swimming is known to be an aerobic exercise, which means it increases the body’s oxygen consumption. Consider the way you breathe when doing exercise; your heart rate will increase when you breathe more. Working out in this way promotes heart health, as well as increases stamina. Just make sure you check with our doctor before swimming if you have any heart-related health concerns.

Orlando Independent Living

If you’re considering looking for Orlando, Florida, retirement communities, Westminster Baldwin Park should be at the top of your list. Our amenities will keep you or your loved ones active, healthy, and happy. 

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