Staying Active: 4 Hobbies to Explore in Your Golden Years


Many seniors have the misconception that getting older means you cannot enjoy fun, active hobbies. The truth is quite the opposite. Independent living facilities in Orlando have an abundance of fun activities and amenities. You can use these resources to your advantage in your retirement community. 

We have compiled a list of four enjoyable, easy hobbies that you can explore during your senior years. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop living life to the fullest. If you’re considering moving into independent living in Orlando, Florida, this list absolutely still applies to you!

  1. Kayaking

If you’re at a shoreside facility like Westminster Baldwin Park, there are plenty of wide-open waters to explore. Lake Baldwin borders the community, allowing you to get out and paddle. Kayaking can be a fun solo activity or a social hobby. Some kayaks seat more than one person, making it a fun group outing if you choose to bring along others. 

Along with the gorgeous view of Lake Baldwin, kayaking affords you the chance to get in enjoyable physical activity. You will build strength very quickly as you haul your paddle to maneuver your kayak through the lake. Staying active is an essential part of having a quality senior experience. 

  1. Biking

Biking is a wonderful way to stay active while exploring and sightseeing. The bike trail in the Westminster community runs through Winter Park and into downtown Orlando. You can hit the course any time you want, whether it’s for a trip downtown or a leisurely bike ride in the evening with no end destination. 

Biking is easy on your joints and suitable for even low-mobility adults, unlike some other forms of strenuous exercise. If you have trouble with leg movement or joint problems, biking is a great way to ease back into physical activity. 

  1. Fitness

Some seniors thoroughly enjoy working out and building strength. Fitness can be a hobby of its own with many health goals to aim toward. If you’re thinking about an assisted living facility, know that most include fitness centers with high-end gym equipment. You can get your cardio in, lift weights, and more.

Some facilities offer general wellness programs that address your fitness and nutritional needs and teach you how to make nutritious food choices and stay active in enjoyable ways.

  1. Swimming

Want to retire and live in a place with a heated outdoor pool? Facilities like Westminster Baldwin Park offer that. You can kick back and lounge by the poolside or get in and swim laps to stay active. Swimming is one of the best forms of low-impact exercise for seniors that’s easy on your joints. 

A heated outdoor pool can allow for winter swimming and daily aqua exercises. If you need a way to stay active without straining your joints, swimming is a great option. You can also do gentle water exercises for your knees, hips, and thighs. 

Independent Living in Orlando, Florida

Westminster Baldwin Park is a classy, luxurious senior community in Orlando. We have plenty of ways to stay active that don’t harm your joints. Our amenities and lifestyle activities allow you to keep up with your favorite hobbies, even in old age. 

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