Aging Adults with Alzheimer’s: Do They Need a Special Doctor?

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating. As there is still no cure, aging adults with Alzheimer’s and their families are often left with few options to cope with the disease. A specialized doctor can help patients and their families understand their options and what to expect. 

Types of Alzheimer’s Specialty Doctors

There are two primary types of Alzheimer’s specialty doctors: neurologists and neuropsychologists. 

Neurologists are medical doctors who specialize in brain and nervous system disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. Neurologists perform brain imaging tests and in-depth evaluations that may include testing vision and speech. 

These tests can help determine whether there are other medical complications present and measure the severity of Alzheimer’s. 

Neuropsychologists specialize in evaluating and treating the brain’s cognitive functions such as language, memory, and attention span. 

For seniors experiencing difficulty with thinking, speech, or other symptoms interfering with daily life, a neuropsychologist can perform several tests to determine the severity and prognosis of the disease.

How a Specialized Doctor Can Help

While specialized doctors can’t make Alzheimer’s go away, they can help seniors and their families better manage it. They can recommend medications that may slow the disease’s progression or help alleviate related symptoms such as stress and anxiety. 

They can also provide a baseline for tracking disease progression, which can help guide future medical decisions. Florida is home to many specialized doctors, and some even make house calls to Orlando retirement communities.

Alzheimer’s Care in Orlando Retirement Communities

Just because a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease does not mean that they can’t keep learning, explore new hobbies, and enjoy their retirement. Orlando is home to some of the best care communities for seniors. 

Whether you need minimal assistance or long-term memory care in Orlando, you can find a community that suits your needs.

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