Top Tips for Decorating a Senior Living Apartment for the Holidays


The holiday season brings about cheer and joy. Many seniors want to spruce up their apartments for the holidays. Decorating your senior living apartment can get you in the holiday spirit and improve your mental health. Beyond that, it can be gratifying and just plain fun!

Many Orlando, Florida, retirement communities like Westminster Baldwin Park recognize the importance of celebrating the holiday season. If you want to make your senior living apartment a holiday wonderland, here are some decorating tips to help you achieve that with residential safety in mind. 

Use Electric Candles

The holidays remind most people of the warm, comforting scents of their childhoods. Candles are a great way to disperse these scents into the air, but unfortunately, they pose a significant fire hazard. Instead of using candles with an open flame, invest in electric candle lights. 

LED candles and other electric lighting systems are much safer than conventional candles. They add an element of holiday sparkle to your apartment without the fire hazard. Electric candles are also much lower maintenance than traditional candles. You do not have to trim wicks, pour out excess wax, or worry about overheating surfaces. Overall, electric candles are the best minimalistic lighting options during the holidays. 

Create Cozy Holiday-Themed Spaces

Most people associate the holidays with warmth, comfort, and coziness. One great way to get your apartment holiday-ready is to decorate with comfortable items. You can create soft, cozy holiday nooks in your apartment using a few holiday-themed home items. 

Some of the best comfortable spaces to decorate for the holidays are areas where you typically rest and relax. 

Some ideas for holiday coziness include:

  • Fuzzy winter throw blankets
  • Holiday throw pillows
  • Holiday-themed furniture covers
  • Festive tablecloths
  • Seasonal bed set with a festive comforter
  • Soft holiday-themed cloths and towels 

These are just a few ways to add holiday comfort to your apartment. Any soft materials that help you relax and rejuvenate are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. 

Put Up Creative Wreaths

The holiday season is the time of year for arts and crafts. There are a lot of do-it-yourself wreath ideas that will add sparkle and festivity to your apartment. Craft stores often stock up on fabulous wreaths for the holidays if you cannot make your own. 

Wreaths are great interior and exterior holiday decorations, and these items can look different depending on the theme of your apartment. For example, green wreaths with holly may look best if you decorate for Christmas. If you celebrate another winter holiday, like Hanukkah, you can decorate your wreaths to match the appropriate themes of the holiday. 

Independent Living Facilities in Orlando, FL

If you are a senior who wants to enjoy your golden years in a luxurious retirement community, Westminster Baldwin Park is a great choice. Many independent living in Orlando, Florida, regularly offer group activities like arts and crafts to get our seniors into the holiday spirit. 

Why Independent Living?

Independent living facilities in Orlando, FL, allow you to retain your independence without the hassle of home maintenance and upkeep. 

Orlando, Florida retirement communities keep seniors connected while you discover new hobbies and fun activities. If you are interested in Orlando, FL, independent living, find a place that meets your social and cultural needs during retirement. 

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