Can I Get Physical Therapy in an Independent Living Facility?


Orlando, FL, independent living facilities serve the social needs of senior residents who enjoy a self-sufficient lifestyle. Residents have more freedom and less structure during their day than assisted living residents. However, you may still be wondering if you can receive the same services. At Westminster Baldwin Park, we offer a full Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation center to assist you with your physical therapy needs. 

Orlando Retirement Communities

Most Orlando retirement communities offer independent living facilities within the community. Independent living residents often receive the same services and amenities as assisted living residents. The difference is that assisted living residents need help with their everyday tasks and self-care. 

Orlando, Florida, retirement communities are known for supporting the holistic needs of residents. For example, at Westminster Baldwin Park, we offer a wellness program that helps seniors stay active and improve their overall health. All residents of our community have access to the wellness program and other amenities. 

The majority of Orlando retirement communities contain at least one physical therapist. Many residents suffer from injuries due to falling, underlying medical conditions, and joint replacement surgeries. Therefore, physical therapy is a must-have in any Orlando retirement community. 

Outpatient Options

If your retirement community does not offer physical therapy, there are other outpatient programs that you can consider. There are physical therapy offices in many locations that can customize a treatment plan for your unique needs. You should always call and make sure that they accept your insurance plan. 

Outpatient physical therapy allows senior residents to continue living independently while addressing important injuries and strain. Some senior living communities offer transportation to different places just outside of the grounds. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to pursue physical therapy. 

Overcome Physical Challenges

Physical therapy is designed to help you recover the function of your strained or injured body part(s). The goal is for your physical therapist to assign daily exercises for you to practice in your independent living facility. Outpatient physical therapy requires your commitment, practice, and patience as you work on regaining your strength.

Physical and functional muscle and joint problems affect many senior residents across the country. It is important to stick to your physical therapy exercises so you can recover more quickly. Independent living facilities give you the freedom to choose your routine and schedule, so it is important that you stay diligent on your physical therapy “homework.”

Westminster Baldwin Park Physical Therapy

As a resident of Westminster Baldwin Park retirement community, you have access to our rehabilitation center. We offer inpatient and outpatient options, so you can take advantage of our outpatient treatment as a member of our independent living facilities. 

Our rehabilitation center for recovery includes the following services:

  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Short-term stays 
  • Long-term private nursing care

You can begin your journey to recovery at our rehabilitation center for rapid recovery. We have supportive, skilled staff that will help you regain your strength and heal your injuries. We accept Medicare and most private insurance plans. Physical therapy is accessible and affordable in independent living facilities. 

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