Can I Have Visitors in an Independent Living Community?


Moving to a retirement community brings up a lot of questions about daily life in independent living facilities. Orlando independent living communities provide beautiful residences without the hassle of maintaining them. You get assistance at every turn, from lawn care to household cleaning. 

You may be wondering if you can have visitors in your home in independent living communities. It is important to keep connections with family and friends after you move to independent living near Orlando. Some facilities may or may not allow visitors. At Westminster Baldwin Park, we welcome your guests with open arms. 

Your Home Is Yours

In an independent living community, your home is your own private space. You can choose to have guests over if they are not infringing on other properties. Just as you would in an average home, you can invite friends and family to your place whenever you would like. 

Independent living communities are designed to give you the comfort and independence of having your own residence without the hassle of maintaining it. Independent living does not require giving up your social circle. 

Social Connection Is Important

It’s incredibly important to keep in touch with your loved ones. While most seniors in assisted living communities get plenty of interaction with their fellow residents and community members, most still need contact and visitation with their friends and family.

What’s more, the transition to independent living communities can be hard for some seniors. It is understandable that such a big move would cause feelings of sadness and loneliness. To avoid these feelings, seniors should connect with whoever makes them feel supported whenever they get the chance.

Residents Support Each Other

Perhaps your loved ones live farther away now that you have moved to independent living. If it is not possible to have visitors in the near future, remember that assisted living communities are built for senior support. You have plenty of neighbors with whom you can make friends with and enjoy activities.

If you become close with other residents, that gives you a support system right in your own community. When visitors are not available, you can lean on your fellow seniors in our independent living facilities. 

Your Healthcare Needs Come First

If you receive services from our in-home healthcare aides, nurses, and other professionals, there may be different guidelines on visitation. For example, if you moved to our community because you need memory care in Orlando, your visitors may need to work around your schedule. Your nurses and other health professionals will need to adhere to your treatment plan to help you stay happy and healthy. 

Westminster Orlando Independent Living Community

At Westminster Baldwin Park, we have curated a supportive, friendly community of seniors who reside in independent living facilities. You have access to our wealth of amenities and health services to help you thrive. If you want to enjoy an active social life while still including your loved ones, independent living may be right for you. 

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