3 Common Fears of Assisted Living and How to Address Each with Your Parents

Making the move to an assisted living facility is not easy for aging parents or their children. There are a lot of fears that surround these communities, and this can prevent your loved one from enjoying their stay. 

If your parents will be moving into one of the high-quality Orlando retirement communities soon, it is time to talk to them. Follow these tips to make independent living near Orlando a positive experience for your loved ones. 

1.      Feeling Lonely

Many older adults feel upset, betrayed, and anxious when transitioning into assisted living. They worry that they will be alone and their loved ones will not check up on them. 

This could not be further from the truth. Assisted living communities have wonderful networks of residents that spend their days socializing and enjoying activities together. 

How to Address It: Show Them a Calendar of Events

If your parents are scared of feeling lonely in assisted living, show them the facility’s calendar. Plenty of events and community classes will connect them with other residents. 

This will help them feel better about the social aspect of moving into independent living. They may even become excited about the move!

2.  Losing Communication with You

Your parents may express the fear of losing touch with you and your siblings once they move. This is an understandable fear. Some older adults feel that they are a burden, and that is why they must move into assisted living. 

How to Address It: Make Plans to Keep in Touch

Reassuring your parents that you will stay in touch with them may not work. Instead, try to make solid plans with specific timelines to prove that you will keep in touch once they move. 

For example, you could set aside a specific day of the week to call them. This will show your parents that you have a plan and will follow through on it. 

3.  Losing Their Dignity

Many aging adults fear assisted living will take away their freedom and dignity. This is a common misconception. Any high-quality retirement community will be filled with enriching activities and allow for your parents’ healthy level of independence. 

How to Address It: Discuss What They Can Do

Instead of focusing on what they are losing, talk to your parents about what they will be able to do once they move. Assisted living facilities have numerous amenities and free activities to enjoy. Your parents will not lose their sense of self and purpose. 

Enjoy Orlando Retirement Communities to the Fullest

Your parents can happily retire and enjoy their lives as older adults at a nice assisted living facility. Their medical needs will always be met, and they can socialize with other friendly residents. 

It is normal to have fears, but once you discuss them with your parents, everyone will feel better about the move. 

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