What Makes Orlando Retirement Communities So Popular?

It’s practically a cliche at this point: Are you looking to retire? Then move to Florida — specifically, Orlando! There’s even a famous Jerry Seinfeld routine about it

Here’s the thing, though… Orlando retirement communities are incredible. The best thing about independent living facilities in Orlando is that, well, they’re in Orlando. And why is Orlando an awesome place to retire? 

No Snow

Check out any pictures from an Orlando retirement community, and you won’t see a flake of snow. A winter with temps below 50 is an outlier. All year you can take in the sights and enjoy everything that Orlando has to offer! You can truly live your best life, staying active and getting involved without getting trapped by a blizzard.

Theme Parks

Even if you’re not a theme park fan, chances are your kids and grandkids are. Want them to visit? Tell them you live minutes from Disney World, Universal Studios, and Seaworld. And if you enjoy theme parks yourself, you can live minutes away. Some parks even offer discounts to residents, in addition to any senior discounts you may already enjoy.

Low Taxes

Florida taxes are low — and not just income taxes, which probably don’t apply to you as a retiree. Sales tax in Florida is only 6%Laws also state that tax assessment values for Florida homes can’t increase by more than 3% per year. 

How about state inheritance or estate taxes? Not in Florida. If you want to leave possessions or income to the next generation, Florida is the place to do it.

A Large Retiree Population

People like to be around others who understand them. Orlando has millions of retired residents who call the city their home. If you’re looking for plenty of like-minded people in the same phase of life, Orlando is it. Tourists may come and go, but your fellow retirees have found a new home.

Services that Cater to Specific Needs

Because of the high influx of retirees, businesses cater to their needs. Medical providers abound in the city. And the entertainment is better than anywhere else. Do you want to see that band you love? They’ll probably be playing nearby at a venue with assigned seats. Do you like golfing? You’ll find the best golf courses in the world in Orlando. 

Finally, and unsurprisingly, Orlando has an impressive number of beautiful, spacious retirement communities!

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