The Best Lifelong Learning Classes for Seniors


When you think about conventional retirement after your career, you may not imagine going back to school as part of it. However, some Orlando retirement communities offer lifelong learning classes that allow residents to continue their education. Learning can be fun, interesting, and intellectually stimulating. Some may want to relive their college years. Whatever your reason, why should you stop learning just because our time in school is over?

So, what type of classes should you take through your Orlando, FL, independent living community? There are so many to choose from, and it all depends on your interests. You may find after taking one or two courses that you’d like to keep learning! Here are a few suggestions from The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning, available to Westminster Baldwin Park residents:


In Intro to East Asian Brush Painting at Rollins, you will get introduced to the more spiritual side of Asian brush painting. Are you ready to dive into the history of the practice and learn about the traditional brush stroke techniques? Many students find it to be relaxing and engaging. 

Your instructor will guide you through the Four Treasures (the ancient materials used in painting) and the Four Gentlemen (the traditional brush strokes used by the Chinese masters of the craft).


Consider taking a history class if you’re a history buff or love learning about different time periods and historical events. Rollins offers Westminster Baldwin Park residents courses that explore important touchstones of American history. 

A great example of this is their course on Prohibition in the US. This course will begin with the laws that put Prohibition in place and follow the rise and fall of the practice, ending with the 21st Amendment that ended Prohibition throughout the country. You will learn about the Temperance movement, alcohol’s influence in the Roaring Twenties, the rise of mafia activities, and the subsequent IRS response. 


Culture is a huge part of our lives, and there are endless ways to learn, engage, and have new experiences with different ways of being. This type of education can really expand the mind and keep you stimulated and excited about life. 

In the Culture, Politics, and Family class at Rollins, seniors from Westminster Baldwin Park will have a chance to begin a dialogue about family and culture across multiple generations. In this course, you will consider the definitions behind the words “kinship” and “family,” as well as examine the many different ways society interacts with these concepts. 

You’ll also explore how culture, medical innovation, reproductive technology, and politics have redefined our perception of what makes a family. Join anthropology professor Ashley Kistler and explore how “family” is changing in the 21st century.

Orlando, Florida, Retirement Communities

If you’re searching for stimulating and exciting Orlando, Florida, retirement communities, look no further! At Westminster Baldwin Park, we aim to create an active retirement community where residents have opportunities to enhance their lives. We prove Orlando retirement communities can be fun.

Through lifelong learning, residents can continue any educational goals they may not have achieved due to work obligations. Residents may also be interested in lifelong learning just to expand their minds and learn something new. The best part is there are no grades!

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